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Power tube lamps
mini electronic and medi electronic

Hartenberger Stableuchte mini und medi electronic
Tube-Lamp mini und medi electronic



The power tube lamps mini and medi electronic are not only a visual attraction, but the technology contained within the housings is also astounding.

The small diameter of the lamps allow a secure and comfortable grip. The housing can be opened without the need for special tools. The seal is produced through the use of a special O-ring.

In chamber tests, the lamp is fully functional to a depth of 500 meters.
The halogen Bulb is made accessible by removing the front cover and can easily be replaced.


Hartenberger Unterwassertechnische Geräte GmbH - StableuchteHartenberger Unterwassertechnische Geräte GmbH - Stableuchte mini und medi electronic
Cell-Pack mini electronik
Cell-Pack medi electronik






For charging, the rear tube is unscrewed, accessing the charger socket. After removing the rear tube, the cell pack is easily replaced with a spare fully charged cell pack within seconds.
The lamps are exclusively powered by Class "A" Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable cells. The power intensity and robustness of these cells cannot be reached by any other cells on the market at this time.



The heart of the two lamps is the switch module which accommodates the front and rear threaded covers.

The magnetic pressure switch which controls the electronics needs no penetration of the housing. A Hall sensor measures the magnetic field changes created by the movement of the switch.
These changes are then decoded and an illumination is produced that is relative to the movement of the switch, (the more the switch is depressed, the brighter the lamp illuminates).
The standard 20 watt HLX high power halogen Bulb is supplied with a controlled over voltage. The Bulb effectively has more than a 30% increase in illumination.
A discharge protection switches the lamp off and prevents the voltage in the cells falling below 0.9 volts, before this occurs however, a low capacity warning informs the user with 3 blinks of the halogen Bulb of the imminent end of the burn time. The lamp can then be switched over to a reduced power setting, thus extending the time before the lamp turns itself off.
The switch also allows signals to be sent using the Morse alphabet. It is also possible to activate the automatic SOS distress signal, (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short). The switch can be deactivated preventing the lamp from inadvertently being turned on, for instance during transportation.

An automatic charger is supplied with each lamp, suitable for use with either 115 or 230 volts.
The charger switches automatically over to a pulse trickle charge when the cells are fully charged.
The state of charge is indicated by an LED signal.
The charging times are as follows:

mini ca. 6-7 hours
medi ca. 8-9 hours

An automatic rapid charger (off-shore I/6), with a charge time of between 2 and 4 hours is optionally available.


Hartenberger Unterwassertechnische Geräte GmbH - Stableuchte
LED Modul


For the tube lamps we offer interchangeable LED modules (3 x 4 Watt, beam characteristic: spot).

The functions of the lamp, such as power control, activation of the SOS distress signal, and remaining burn time warning as well as total discharge warning will be fully sustained.
The existing reflector unit is replaced by the appropriate LED module. After removal of the halogen illuminant the electric contact is established by plugging in an adapter plug into the socket.
The electronic is protected against reverse polarity of the adapter plug.

What are the advantages of an LED-light?
An LED has an extremely long life span. It is considerably longer than that of a halogen bulb.
The LED is hard to break and very durable. The cold white (bluish) light of an LED is not as strongly absorbed by the water as the warm white (reddish) light of a halogen bulb. Therefore, underwater an LED light has a greater range.
Due to the individual perception (only in dark environments!), cold white LED light seems to be stronger than warm white halogen light.

What are the disadvantages of an LED-light?
Fairly high costs of the LED and the necessary electronics.
Bad rendition of the red colour.

We recommend the use of an LED-illuminant for night dives in freshwater, for dives in murky and cloudy water and for cave dives.
Despite a rather low power consumption of the LED modules, a sufficient brightness and a considerable longer burn time is achieved.

(siehe auch unter Technik Leuchtmittel)

Power tube lamp incl. variable power setting and mechanical security switch for transportation The Hartenberger power tube lamps mini / medi electronic
order code Type Voltage/Capacity  Watt / time Size [mm] / Weight  
mini mini electronic 7,2 V / 2,2 Ah NMH 20W/35 Min. 195 x 43/48 Ø/0,6 Kg 269,00 €
medi medi electronic 7,2 V / 4,0 Ah NMH 20W/65 Min. 245 x 43/48 Ø/0,8 Kg 299,00 €
algo16 Surcharge for automatic rapid charger LG off-shore I/6 38,00 €
algo2 Surcharge for automatic rapid charger LG off-shore II 98,00 €
ledstab LED Reflektormodul 4x3,5 Watt Adapter G4 (spot) 199,00 €
ledstabb LED Reflektormodul 4x3,5 Watt Adapter G4 (spot) bluelight 209,00 €

order code Description  
nstab Transportbag Nylon in black for Power tube lamp mini/medi electronic 13,00 €
schnell Jacket clip (Karabiner with 2x fastec clips) 9,00 €

Halogen bulbs
order code Bulb Socket  
h610 6V/10W G4 8,00 €
h620 6V/20W HLX G4 8,00 €
h630 6V/30W HLX G4 10,00 €



Spare parts
order code Description Size
37x3 O-ring for housing 37 x 3.0 50° Viton blue 4,00 €
37x1.5 O-ring security switch 37 x 1.5 60° Viton black 3,00 €

Power pack
order code Description Performance data  
wamini Power pack tube lamp mini
7,2 V/2,2 Ah NMH 94,00 €
wamedi Power pack tube lamp medi 7,2 V/4,0 Ah NMH 114,00 €
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