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The set consists of a power pack with a 4 position power setting switch (50/75/100/125%), 2 Lamp Heads and the charger (LG) off-shore 1/12. The power pack utilises the latest generation Nickel-Metal-Hydride cells and is rated at 14.4V / 4.5Ah. The burn time with 2 x 50 Watt halogen Bulbs at 100% power setting is approx. 30 minutes. The cell pack is a plug-in unit and can be replaced with a spare cell pack within seconds.

Through the controlled use of over voltage, the standard 50 Watt Bulbs produce much more light. The voltage to the Bulbs is controlled electronically using pulse technology and remains constant even when the voltage of the cells reduces. This results in a stable colour temperature of 3600° Kelvin remaining constant during the entire burn time.




Once again a micro processor controls and monitors the lamp with the following functions:
  • The standard 2x 50 watt HLX high power halogen Bulb is supplied with a controlled over voltage. The Bulb effectively has more than a 30% increase in illumination.
  • A current limiter regulates the current in the first vital moments when the unit is switched on, thus protecting the delicate high performance Bulb.
  • A 4 phase variable power setting allows the lamp to be adjusted to individual needs
  • A magnetic field monitor prevents the unit from being activated by a foreign magnet.
  • The discharge protection switches the lamp off and prevents the voltage in the cells falling below 0.9 volts.
  • A low capacity warning informs the user with 3 blinks of the halogen Bulb, of the imminent end of the burn time. The lamp can then be switched over to a reduced power setting, thus extending the time before the lamp turns itself off.
  • SOS Flashing according to the Morse alphabet, (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short), can be used as a distress signal.

Nasssteckverbindung an Lampenköpfen und Akkutank

Optional ist die serienmäßige feste Verkabelung der Lampenköpfe mit unter Wasser steckbaren Verbindungen erhältlich.




2x Set video maxi with one lamp-head each and basis video universal.





2x Set video maxi with one lamp-head each and basis video universal.


Kompl. Preis der abgebildeten Anlage (max. 2x 100W)
mit 2x Ladegerät off-shore 1/12
1527,- EURO

Die Akkutanks haben eine sehr niedrige Bauform, damit Video-Aufnahmen von bodennahen Lebewesen auch von vorne gelingen und nicht nur von oben herunter gefilmt werden muss.

Die Video-Arme sind schwerelos und halten die Lampenköpfe auch bei starker Strömung fest in der eingestellten Position (auch mit zusätzlich lieferbaren Auslegern).
Ersatzteilliste Videoarm off-shore



Wechselakku Lithium-Mangan mit Kapazitätsanzeige

Optional we offer Lithium-Manganese-Cells.

Since 2003 we took receipt of a newly developed
re-chargeable cell for test purposes, a lithium- manganese- cell. The electrode material is manganese sealed in a so called spinell rather than the traditional cobalt electrode.
The cells have proven themselves to be the "wonder cells" with the following properties:

  • Excellent power properties and resilience
  • Low self discharge, less than 3-8% per Month
  • At temperatures as low as -15°C (+5°F), the cells retain 95% capacity
  • A missing (defective) protection switch within the cell will reduce the capacity of the cell but will not produce an explosive reaction such as those previously mentioned in lithium ionen cells.
  • Mechanical damage such as a blow or squeezing, or even a puncture of the wall of the cell such as with a nail will not produce a critical chemical reaction within the cell.
  • For fully charged cells at high ambient temperatures, the aging process of these cells is considerably less than that in lithium ionen cells.
  • Another feature that must be mentioned is that aged lithium manganese cells do not produce dangerous hydrogen gas and therefore make re-charging in a sealed housing much safer and in our opinion only now possible.
    The only disadvantage of the lithium manganese cells is that the energy density is approx 10% less than lithium ionen cells. Compared to the nickel metal hydride cells, the lithium manganese cells have 30% higher energy density.



We do not use the so called “cold light reflectors” as these not only absorb the invisible heat radiating infra red light, but also a large part of the visible red light waves in daylight. In our opinion, the, red light that is absorbed underwater must be compensated with a dominantly red artificial light.

The set is supplied with the charger off-shore 1/12.
The charge time is approx. 4 hours.

Lamp Head Ø 69 mm (2¾”)
Lamp Head length 70 mm (2¾”)
Cable length 0.9m
Power Pack Ø 69 mm (2¾”)
Power Pack length 230 mm (9”)




The printed curcuits boards, conductors in the electronic controls and all the mechanical components made of glass, aluminium and plastic have been precision manufactured in Germany using computer controlled CNC machining. The glass fibre reinforced plastic components are precision manufactured using 7 different moulds.

The most modern technology and high quality wokmanship of all the components combined in a quality controlled assembly and testing procedure make the Video maxi to one of the most precious and prestigous compact video-underwater-light available in the world.

Im Vergleich mit 9 Unterwasser-Leuchten wurde die
maxi compact Testsieger.
(siehe Testwertung der Zeitschrift tauchen
2/2002 )

Video-Light incl. borosilicat glas, variable power setting and charger off-shore I/12 The Hartenberger lighting Set Video Maxi
order code Type Voltage/Capacity Bulb / Time Size [mm]/Weight  
videomaxi Set Video maxi 14,4V / 4,5Ah NMH 2 x 50 W / ca. 28 Min. 230 x 69 Ø / 2,0 kg 749,00 €
awavmaxilm Surcharge for Lithium-Manganese-Cells 14,4V / 5,4Ah 99,00 €
algo2 Surcharge for automatic rapid charger LG off-shore II 78,00 €
anass Surcharge for wet connectors each lamphead
(socket / cable 0.9m with 2 plugs / socket)
119,00 €
avideol Surcharge housing "long version" with power pack maxi compact electronic 60,00 €
amat Surcharge for matt glass (soft lighting) 10,00 €
glkmaxi Credit for Set Video maxi with one lamp-head (right/left) -99,00 €

Bestellcode Beschreibung
bschiene Basisschiene für Kameragehäuse mit T-Stein (2x T-Stein)
69,00 € / 99,00 €
armos Blitzarm/Videoarm off-shore für T-Stein-Montage incl. Adapter Lampenkopf
(Standardlänge Basis und Ausleger ca. 30cm, je 10cm länger + 10,-€)
299,00 €
vflügel Videoflügel (Aluminium-Bügel mit T-Stein-Adapter für Videogehäuse)
119,00 €

Halogen bulb
order code Description Socket  
h1230 12V/30W G6.35 maxi 14,00 €
h1250 12V/50W HLX
G6.35 maxi 9,00 €
h12100 12V/100W HLX
G6.35 maxi 9,00 €

order code Description Size  
48x3 O-ring for housing 48 x 3.0 50°Viton blue 4,00 €
48x1.6 O-ring for housing 48 x 1.6 50°Viton blue 4,00 €
58x3 O-ring for glass lens 58 x 3.0 60°Viton blue 4,00 €

Power packs
order code Description
wavmaxi(r) Power pack Video maxi 14,4 V/4,5 Ah NMH
179,00 €
199,00 €
wavmaxi(r)lm Power pack Video maxi Lithium-Mangan 14,4 V/5,4 Ah LiMn
209,00 €
279,00 €
ellm Electronic ( Upgrade NMH / Lithium-Mangan)
40,00 €
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