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High-Tech-lamps "mega compact" - "mega compact D2"
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mega compact D2
  The micro processor electronics provide a range of display and control features:
a current limiter control the critical activation phase and guarantees a longer life of the halogen Bulb.
A power control makes alterations and adjustments possible to suit the ambient conditions and individual requirements. The functions of the controls can be programmed to suit individual needs:
1. only ON/OFF
2. in 5 Stages of 25% (25% to 125%)
3. almost infinitely variable in 5% steps
4. as a button for Morse signals
Thanks to controlled over voltage, the standard 50W HLX high performance Bulb can produce a 30% increase in power. The electronic control ensures that the colour temperature remains constant as the cells discharge.
  A discharge protection switches the lamp off and prevents the cell voltage from dropping below the critical 0.9V per cell level.
Before this cut off occurs, the remaining burn time display blinks three times to warn the user of the end of the burn time

The lamp goes into continuous blinking mode before it cuts off which can be switched over to a continuous light by reducing the power setting.

An SOS distress signal according to the Morse alphabet (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short) can be activated in an emergency.