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Hartenberger High-Tech-lamps "mega compact" - "mega compact D2"
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mega compact D2
  A special feature is the xenon gas discharge module, which can be plugged into the unit.
The lamps can therefore be used either as standard halogen or gas discharge xenon lamps. (the necessary housing extension is available as an optional extra).
The 35 Watt D2 element is well known in the auto industry. The illumination is equivalent to a 100 Watt (150 watt) Halogen Bulb.
The temperature of the xenon element is 4300°Kelvin and colder than the 3600°Kelvin temperature of a halogen Bulb.
  The colour reproduction of reds is not as good as with a halogen Bulb, but the range of the light under water is much better thanks to the high blue portion.
For this reason, we recommend the D2 module for fresh water diving. The gas discharge module can be regulated from 100% to 75% power, saving energy with only a marginal reduction in light.
The gas discharge technology is 2-3 times more efficient than high performance halogen Bulbs. Unfortunately some of our competitors tend to be rather more generous in this estimation.