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Cell tank 125 / 128

Cell-Tank 128 professional with mounting plate

Cell-Tank 125/128 professional with two wet connectors and two switches

Wet connector

Switch with variable power setting


The housings of the cell tanks have the features of the renowned professional housing.
A second mounting block allows many different mounting applications, for instance in combination with the mounting plate for all standard diameter diving cylinders.

The housings can be opened without the need for special tools. The housings are sealed with reliable large dimension precision
O-Rings ( 2.5mm, 50°).
The switch has been fully integrated into the housing.
The power pack insert has the same construction features as the hand lamps.

All cell tanks are fitted with one or two output cables, each with it’s own switch.

The variable power setting for 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% is standard.
The cell tanks are connected via waterproof connectors to the lamp head.

If required, wet connectors can be supplied as an optional extra.
The 4 pole contacts are gold plated, the cable length is either 90 cm (3 feet) or 130 cm (4 feet).



HID-Lamphead with 10W illuminant

Bei Verwendung eines Lampenkopfs mit Gasentladungsbrenner benötigt man eine spezielle, nicht dimmbare Schaltelektronik. Bei Ausführung mit einer Nasssteckverbingung wird diese mit 3 poliger Steckdose ausgerüstet.





Hartenberger Unterwassertechnische Geräte GmbH Akkutank professional

Halterung für Ersatzleuchtmittel


To charge the cell pack, or replace it with a spare cell pack, the rear cover is simply unscrewed from the power pack. The modular system allows the cells to be replaced with a spare pack within seconds.
The lamps are powered by selected nickel cadmium type D/F cells.

Since 1998, we have been intensively testing the new Nickel-Metal-Hydride Series D Cells, commonly known as Mono Cells.
The results we have reached from the different manufacturers producing these cells ranges from disastrous to superb!

The “superb” cells that we offer were put through 500 cycles of use.
The charging was carried out exclusively with an off-shore II charger and the cells were discharged using a 100 Watt Halogen Bulb.

The resulting burn time under various environmental conditions was between 55 and 63 minutes!!
During our tests, the loss of capacity due to the increased charge cycles was well under the average expected from Nickel Cadmium.

Unfortunately, these cells are not available in the quantities which we would like.

(siehe auch unter Technik Akkumulatoren)


Hartenberger Unterwassertechnische Geräte GmbH Adapterplatte



Standard adapter plate fore

All the hand lamps can be converted into cell tanks.

The front cover with the glass lens is replaced with a screwed cover (conversion kit) with waterproof cable outlets.

The connection inside the lamp is via a plug into the Bulb socket.

This is an economical option designed for the occasional user.


Qualität bis ins Detail



The printed curcuits boards, conductors in the electronic controls and all the mechanical components made of glass, aluminium and plastic have been precision manufactured in Germany using computer controlled CNC machining. The glass fibre reinforced plastic components are precision manufactured using 9 different moulds.

The most modern technology and high quality wokmanship of all the components combined in a quality controlled assembly and testing procedure make the Cell-Tank 125/128 to one of the best underwater cell-tanks available in the world today.


Cell tank professional incl. variable power setting Hartenberger underwater lamp Cell tank professional T125 / T128
order code Type Voltage/Capacity Bulb / Time Size [mm]/ Weight  
125t T125 professional incl. charger standard 12 V / 5,5 Ah NC 50 W / 70 Min. 205 x 99 Ø / 2,7 kg 639,00 €
128t T128 professional incl. charger off-shore 1/12 12 V / 8,0 Ah NC 50 W / 100 Min.. 270 x 99 Ø / 3,7 kg 799,00 €
a125nmh Surcharge 12 v/9.5 Ah NMH cells for type 125 (Only use with charger LG off-shore II) 90,00 €
algo12 Surcharge for automatic rapid charger LG off-shore I/12 38,00 €
algo2 Surcharge for automatic rapid charger LG off-shore II 98,00 €
aaus Surcharge for second outlet incl. variable power setting 145,00 €

order code Description  
hatank Mounting plate for standard diving cylinders 7/8/10/12/15 l 39,00 €
spann Band for standard diving cylinders 7/8/10/12/15 l 54,00 €
nlgo2 Neoprene sleeve in black for charger LG off-shore II 13,00 €
karabiner Brass / Bronze snap clip (also for use with neoprene gloves) 5,00 €
adapt1 Conversion kit standard 1(for converting hand lamp to use with one lamp head) 99,00 €
adapt2 Conversion kit standard 2 (for converting hand lamp to use with two lamp head) 139,00 €
anassd Surcharge wet connector with four pin gold contact 29,00 €
nassk Cable 0.9m with 2 plugs for wet connector with four pin gold contact 59,00 €
nassk Cable 1.3m with 2 plugs for wet connector with four pin gold contact 99,00 €
anass Surcharge for wet connector (socket / cable0,9m with 2 plugs / socket) [order with lamp head] 119,00 €
order code Description Size  
78x2.5 O-ring for housing 78 x 2.5 50°Viton blue 4,00 €
Power pack
order code Description Voltage/Capacity  
wa125t Power pack cell tank 125 12 V/5.5 Ah NC 189,00 €
wa125tnmh Power pack cell tank 125 NMH 12 V/9.5 Ah NMH 269,00 €
wa128t Power pack cell tank 128 12 V/8 Ah NC 239,00 €

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